November Members’ Meeting

Dear fellow workers,

We’re writing to invite you to our upcoming Monthly Member’s Meeting next Tuesday, November 28th at 4:30 PM at Tandon Dibner Library in Room 433. We will host a steward/organizer training, update members on ongoing grievances, and discuss the procedure of distributing the GSOC Emergency Fund along with upcoming union position elections. GSOC is urging all members and stewards to attend this Monthly Members’ Meeting!

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Steward/Organizer Training

Our new staff organizer and former GSOC steward, Micaela Suminski, will facilitate a training session during our Monthly Members’ Meeting. This training will concentrate on 1-on-1 organizing and orientation tactics to effectively reach out to co-workers. Additionally, some contract knowledge will be covered. This is a must-attend for newly elected stewards, those considering running for a steward position, or department leaders eager to energize their co-workers!

GSOC Emergency Fund Discussion

GSOC members have indicated the need for an emergency fund for graduate employees who are experiencing urgent financial emergencies. We will have a discussion on the procedure for distributing our existing Emergency Fund and the possibility of starting a new fund. 

Spring 2024 Unit Representative/Organizing Committee Co-Chair Nomination

GSOC is seeking folks for various positions in Spring 2024! We’re looking for members to be Unit Representatives and Organizing Committee Co-Chairs.

Unit Representatives (paid positions!) manage communications with GSOC members, meet (bi-)weekly with Local 2110 and NYU HR to fight for aggrieved workers. The Organizing Committee builds a strong union culture on campus by creating networks of support and solidarity in different departments and schools.

If you’re interested, please email us at gsoc@2110uaw.org by Sunday, December 17. Elections will occur during our December Monthly Members’ Meeting on Tuesday, December 19.

Steward Elections

We still have several steward vacancies in Tandon, Steinhardt, the professional schools, STEM, and GSAS. If you are interested in running for any of the open steward positions, email gsoc@2110uaw.org by Monday, October 16 to express interest! We will talk you through the steward position, help you get familiar with the contract, and offer support as you organize your co-workers.

Upcoming Events & Deadlines

Mark your calendar for these important deadlines in the following weeks:

  • Thursday, November 21: UAW Region 9A Cost-of-Living-Adjustment (COLA) Town Hall
    When inflation gets bad, our paychecks buy less and less. As union members, we can fight back against inflation with strong Cost-of-Living-Adjustment (COLA) protections in our contracts! Members from the Rank and File Assembly are hosting a town hall on Tuesday, Nov. 21 about COLA and how you can organize at your workplace to guarantee strong wages in your next contract. The event will be held in person at the NYU Tisch Dean’s Conference Room, with a virtual option available—RSVP here.
    If you’d like to join the Region 9A Rank-and-File Assembly COLA Working Group, please fill out this form.
  • Thursday, December 7: Local 2110 Membership Meeting
    Please join Local 2110 for the Local-wide membership meeting and celebration on December 7 at The Diana Center at Barnard College. RSVP here.
  • Sunday, December 17: Spring 2024 Unit Rep/OC Co-Chair Nomination
    Please indicate your interest in running for Spring 2024 Unit Representative/Organizing Committee Co-Chair positions by December 17. You can email us at gsoc@2110uaw.org to indicate interest.
  • Tuesday, December 19: Spring 2024 Unit Rep/OC Co-Chair Election
    Elections for Spring 2024 Unit Representative/Organizing Committee Co-Chair positions will occur during our December Monthly Members’ Meeting.

Final Notes

If you’d like to stay involved in GSOC activism, join the GSOC Discord by filling out this organizing form.

If you have specific questions, email your Unit Representatives at gsoc@2110uaw.org or contact your steward (you can find your steward’s email on our website).

In solidarity,