Represent your colleagues

There are several ways to represent your coworkers in GSOC. Consider becoming a departmental steward or elected steward or representing GSOC on the Local 2110 union’s Joint Council. Interested in getting involved? Contact us at

Become a Departmental Steward

Stewards are the backbone of the union and the first point of contact for members when something goes wrong. Anyone can learn how to advocate for and represent their fellow members!

The roles of departmental stewards include:

  • Managing grievances in your department. Departmental stewards receive workplace grievance training (8 hrs spread over two days, offered several times a year) so they can handle potential grievances that arise. The time commitment for this role is variable, depending on how many grievances are active.
  • Optional: Attending Assembly of Stewards meetings. Stewards are encouraged, but not required, to attend the monthly meetings of GSOC’s governing legislative body as non-voting members.

Become an Elected Steward

Elected stewards vote in the GSOC Assembly of Stewards, a body made of elected and non-elected members who support union contract enforcement and decide on key policies and initiatives for GSOC.

The roles of elected stewards include:

  • Running for election as steward. Elections for open seats occur at least annually in the spring. Open seats may be filled on an interim basis throughout the year.
  • Managing grievances.
  • Voting in Assembly of Stewards meetings.

Serve on the Local 2110 Joint Council

The Joint Council, the governing body of the Local 2110 Union, convenes representatives from each of the 25+ shops involved with our Local. GSOC appoints several representatives to the Joint Council.

The roles of council representatives include:

  • Running for election as council representative. Elections occur in the Spring for year-long terms, with interim/vacancy elections in the Fall as needed.
  • Attending Joint Council meetings. Meetings occur six times per year.