NYU Is Messing Up Workers’ Taxes Again

UPDATE: We’ve launched a self-reporting form about this issue. If you are affected, please share your information so that we can advocate for a collective response from the university (or pursue one ourselves):

Click Here to report your wrongly deducted FICA taxes.

Previously we noted wide-spread problems with international student 2014 tax withholding. Now we’ve heard reports of NYU improperly deducting FICA taxes on all kinds of workers, including US citizens. If you are a full time student (for most of us, that’s true in the Fall and the Spring but not the summer) and you worked for NYU in the last three years, you should check your paystubs to see if OASDI or Medicare taxes were deducted. Here’s some examples of what to look for:



You can check your paystubs by logging into PeopleLink (NYU Home ->Work->PeopleLink Log In->Pay->Payslips). Be sure to check different semesters and years if you’ve held different jobs; this issue seems to be affecting some positions more often than others.

If you have had FICA taxes deducted from your pay while you were a full time student you should be entitled to a refund (going back 3 years when you do your tax return. Importantly, however, that money never should have been deducted in the first place.