Problem at work?

If you have a problem at work or experience an issue accessing your benefits as a union member, we’re here to help.

Our union enforces our contract with NYU via the grievance process. If you experience a grievable offense, we’ll work with NYU to help ensure your rights are respected! Examples of grievable offenses include underpayment, missing health insurance refund, harassment, or any other violation of our contract.

If you see or experience anything in your workplace that seems problematic, even if you aren’t sure, contact us.

  • Let union stewards know as soon as possible after you notice a potential problem or grievance.
    • We must start the grievance procedure within 15 business days, except in cases of harassment or discrimination (not including Saturdays, Sundays and university holidays).
    • NYU has no obligation to respond to the grievance if the process to start the grievance begins 15 days after the grievance occurred (though we can still try!).
  • Beginning September 1, 2020, there is now no time limit to file a grievance related to harassment and discrimination.

The grievance process involves two stages.

  • First, with your permission, a GSOC rep will informally connect with the department. The first step is always to informally discuss the grievance with the appropriate faculty member or administrator in the department/unit. The GSOC-UAW representative will help the graduate worker do this.
  • Second, we’ll appeal the grievance if it isn’t addressed. If the grievance is not addressed within 10 days to the worker’s satisfaction, we will appeal the grievance further. If the grievance involves more than one student worker, we can start a collective grievance procedure.

For information about non-discrimination, sexual abuse, and termination, see Articles XIVB,C.

Our elected Unit Representatives, who are fellow graduate students and GSOC members, will read your responses. If we determine that your situation is grievable, we will contact you to discuss how you would like to proceed.

We will protect your personal information. Personal information will only be shared with relevant parties at NYU with your explicit permission in order to file the grievance. No personal or identifying information will ever be shared publicly.

Report a problem at work or potential grievance