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Course Assistant Backpay Settlement Finalized!

After over two years, we settled and executed the Course Assistant underpayment grievance on August 31st, 2023. Over $1.7 million in settlement pay, including frozen service bonuses, will be distributed to 600+ course assistants from GSAS, Stern, Tandon, and Steinhardt.

IMPORTANT: You should have begun to receive the settlement backpay starting September 22nd. If there is a difference between the original quoted balance and the payout you received from NYU, please note that the original quoted amount is a pre-tax amount. To receive a breakdown of the payout, you can reach out to the NYU Bursar’s Office. In addition, please email us with the amount you received.

Course Assistant Settlement Finalized!

Dear fellow workers, We are writing to you to deliver long-awaited and exciting news. After over two years, we settled and executed the Course Assistant underpayment grievance. The Union and the University signed the settlement on August 31st, 2023. As per its terms: Over $1.7 million in settlement pay, including frozen service bonuses, will be distributed. Over 600 Course Assistants,…

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June Members’ Meeting, CA Back Pay, Health & Safety Working Group!

Dear fellow workers, Join us next Tuesday, June 20 at 4:30 PM for our June Member’s Meeting (see listserv or email us for location and Zoom details). Monthly Members’ Meeting–in person! We’ll discuss summer organizing plans and share updates on ongoing grievances, including course assistant back pay. Unit reps, Local 2110 reps, Organizing Committee members, and…

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