Get involved!

Stay Connected

Plug in and stay connected as we enforce our newly won contract.

We welcome anyone who wants to get involved in the union. All members are welcome to attend our meetings at any time, but there are several ways to get even more involved. Click to expand headings below!

Represent your colleagues

Become a volunteer Steward

Stewards are the backbone of the union and the first point of contact for members when something goes wrong. You may find that serving as a “volunteer steward” in the Assembly provides the best way for you to get involved. Anyone can learn how to advocate for and represent their fellow members! Volunteer stewards receive workplace grievance training—8 hrs spread over two days, offered several times a year— so they can best serve their comrades at work, handling potential grievances that arise. The time commitment for this role is variable, depending on how many grievances are active. They are encouraged but not required to attend Assembly of Steward meetings as non-voting members. Contact us for more information.

Join the Assembly

The GSOC Assembly of Stewards (AoS) is made up of both elected and un-elected members of the bargaining unit. It is the locus for contract enforcement, as well as the chief legislative body of GSOC, where we meet to debate and decide on key policies and initiatives for the unit.

The AoS meets once a month and is eager to include rank and file members in the proceedings. We hope you’ll join us and add your voice to the debate!

Voting members of the AoS are composed of elected Stewards. Elections for open seats occur at least annually in the spring, and open seats may be filled on an interim basis throughout the year. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more!

Details on upcoming meetings can be found on our calendar or via our mailing list. We try to divide our time between both the Washington Square and Polytechnic campuses.

Meetings are conducted through Robert’s Rules of Order. If you’d like a primer on how this system works, check out these written and video guides.

Join a committee

Most of the work in GSOC gets done by our standing committees. Participation in committees is open to all throughout the year, and we welcome your assistance whenever you have the time. Each of the committees and working groups is listed here; feel free to contact the chairs for information on jumping in, or check our calendar for upcoming meetings.

Volunteer your time

Our union exists to help our members, but it also relies on member help to mobilize around particular campaigns, as well as to keep the day-to-day operations of the unit running smoothly. Our spare time can ebb and flow dramatically over the course of our studies. If you still want to help out and keep up to date with the union’s efforts but aren’t ready for one of the commitments above, we would still love to have your support. Fill out the Fall 2023 organizing form here.