FAQ for grad workers

See below for answers to questions that may be of interest to graduate workers. Email us if you have questions that aren’t answered below!

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Eligibility & Why You Should Join

What is GSOC-UAW Local 2110?

Am I eligible to join the union?

I’m not working/holding a position covered by your contract. Can I still join GSOC?

I’m an international student worker. Can I join the union if I’m here on a student visa?

Do I “unlock” extra benefits if I join the union?

If I join, do I pay more money to the union than those who don’t join?

Why should I join the union by signing a union card?

Can I choose not to be a member of the union?

Joining & Union Card

How do I join the union by signing a card?

What is a union card? Do I need a physical copy?

I submitted the card but did not receive a confirmation—is this a problem?

Do I need to submit a new card each semester?

Dues & Agency Fees

What are “dues”? How much are the dues?

What are “agency fees”? How much are agency fees?

What are our dues used for?

I do not work this semester. Do I still need to pay dues?

Contract & Benefits

What are some highlights of GSOC’s current contract?

When and how do I receive the health insurance reimbursement?

When do I receive the Service Bonus/Vacation Payout?

What do I do if I have a workplace problem or issue with my benefits?

Contact Us & Get Involved

How can I get more involved in the union?

Who can I contact if I have more questions?