Statements of Support

Statement of Support for NYU Graduate Student Workers by Liberal Studies Faculty

We, the undersigned faculty of Liberal Studies, believe that graduate students should be free to act on their own convictions about any union contract negotiations before them. We recognize that graduate students, like other workers, have the right to strike, a right they have exercised. We intend to continue to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect with all our students and faculty colleagues. We support those faculty in programs with graduate students who pledge not to intervene in any way that would impede any student’s academic progress, or penalize any student with regard to grades, departmental funding, or academic evaluations and recommendations. Nor will we report to anyone else about students who may or may not be participating in any union action.


Johann Jaeckel, Susanna Horng, Heidi White, Michael Shenefelt, Brendan Hogan, Kyle Wanberg, Carley Moore, Emily Bauman, Afrodesia McCannon, Tim Tomlinson, Gerceida Jones, Peter Diamond, Mona El-Ghobashy, Michael Krimper, Cammie Kim Lin, Jessamyn Hatcher, Dina M. Siddiqi, Lindsay Davies, Jennifer Zoble, Matt Longabucco, John Steen, Mitra Rastegar, Brian Culver, Suzanne Maria Menghraj, Ida Chavoshan, Ifeona Fulani, David Lamoureux, Lina Meruane, Joyce Apsel, Güney Işıkara, Laura Samponaro, Charlee Dyroff, Jared Simard, Robert Fitterman, David Palmer, Francesca Ferrando, Eugene Ostashevsky, Phil Washburn, Phil Kain, Irina Langer, Allison Collins, Karri Whipple, Peter C. Valenti, Mary Helen Kolisnyk, Selma Asotić, Cristina-Ioana Dragomir, Danis Banks, Coral Lumbley, Roxana Juliá, Pınar Kemerli, Chris Rzonca, Peter Chapin, Michael Kryluk, Kaia Shivers, Kristen Martin, Emily Weitzman, James Polchin, Tal Correm, Erin Morrison, Robin Nagle