Statements of Support

NYSUT, UCATS-3882 In Support of Striking Graduate Workers at New York University


submitted to the NYSUT Board of Directors

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Submitted by UCATS, Local 3882, Stephen Rechner, President

In Support of Striking Graduate Workers at New York University

Whereas – The Graduate Student Organizing Committee of New York University (GSOC), UAW Local 2110 is the recognized union representing graduate employees at NYU; and

Whereas – GSOC has a proud history dating back to the 1990s of fighting for labor rights at NYU; and

Whereas – GSOC has long been an invaluable ally to UCATS, Local 3882, the NYSUT local at NYU; and

Whereas – GSOC has been in contract negotiations with NYU for over ten months now, seeking a renewal of the contract it successfully bargained in 2015; and

Whereas – In all that time NYU has failed to make meaningful proposals or counterproposals

regarding a living wage, expanded healthcare, childcare, support for international students,

better protections against all forms of harassment on campus, and numerous other issues vital

to the interests of GSOC members; and

Whereas – In the face of this intransigence GSOC held a strike authorization vote on March 23,

2021, which passed 1336 to 50 (96.3%); and

Whereas – GSOC set a strike deadline for April 26, 2021; and

Whereas – GSOC is now on strike.

Therefore, be it

RESOLVED – That the New York State United Teachers expresses its full support for our sisters and brothers in GSOC and for their legally protected right to strike; and be it further

RESOLVED – That NYSUT calls upon the leadership of NYU to make significant moves towards a fair contract and to abstain from withholding pay from GSOC members or engaging in any other form of retaliation against them; and be it further

RESOLVED – That, upon its adoption, NYSUT publicizes this resolution in such a manner as it

deems proper and that it forwards a copy to Andrew Hamilton, the President of NYU, for his




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