Statements of Support

NYU Teacher Residency Supports the Strike

This resolution was adopted by consensus.

Thank you, Diana Turk, Director of Teacher EducationThe faculty of the NYU Teacher Residency believes that graduate students should be free to act on their own convictions about the union issues before them. Whatever our individual views of this important matter, we are intent upon continuing to foster an atmosphere of collegial trust and mutual respect with all our students. While the strike lasts, we agree to do nothing that would impede any student’s academic progress or penalize any student with regard to grades or academic evaluations and recommendations. We do not believe it is the department’s responsibility to report about students who may or may not be participating in any union activity.

Diana B. Turk, Ph.D. Director of Teacher Education 

Associate Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning

Co-Director, NYU Teacher Residency

Affiliate Faculty, Applied Statistics, Social Sciences, and Humanities

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

New York University

239 Greene Street, #624

New York, NY 10003

Ph: 212-998-5492