Stewards Elections Update

Dear members,

We write to report that steward candidate Patrick Cooper (Physics) has withdrawn his acceptance of nomination due to impending graduation, rendering an election unnecessary. There being no other contested seats, the following members have hereby been elected by acclamation to serve on the GSOC Assembly of Stewards representing GSAS SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, AND MATH:

1. Romeo Alexander (Math)
2. Seana Lymer (Biology)
3. Darach Miller (Biology)
4. Kilian Walsh (Physics)
5. Rani Yeung (Biology)

Furthermore, the GSOC Elections Committee has cleared up a filing discrepancy and can now validate the uncontested nomination of Yash Pravinkumar Chhajed (Electrical and Computer Engineering), who is hereby elected by acclamation to serve on the Assembly of Stewards, representing the Metrotech 2 district at the Polytechnic School of Engineering.

Finally, the Elections Committee received an additional candidate statement from a member interested in running for a seat representing the PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS. That candidate did not submit a formal statement of acceptance to the local, and so the Committee has determined it cannot validate his nomination according to a strict interpretation of the election rules. There remain two open seats representing that section of the Assembly.

Congratulations to our newly elected stewards, who join those elected by acclamation on May 3!


GSOC Elections Committee
A.J. Bauer
Jeremy Dolan
Shafeka Hashash
Laura Phillips