Stewards Elections Update – Voting for GSAS Sciences Technology and Math Stewards on May 6th and 7th

We write to report the results of the April 5 call for nominations to serve on the GSOC Assembly of Stewards, and to announce an election to be held this Wednesday and Thursday, May 6-7 to determine steward representation for GSAS SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, AND MATH. Balloting will take place in the Graduate Student Lounge, Silver Center Room 120, from 12 noon to 4:00 p.m.both days. Voting will be limited to members from the GSAS Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, Physics, Psychology, and the Center for Neural Science, and voters may select up to five out of the six candidates, listed below alphabetically.  Click here to read candidate statements.

1. Romeo Alexander (Math)
2. Patrick Cooper (Physics)
3. Seana Lymer (Biology)
4. Darach Miller (Biology)
5. Kilian Walsh (Physics)
6. Rani Yeung (Biology)

There being no other contested seats, the following members have hereby been elected by acclamation to serve on the GSOC Assembly of Stewards:


1. Claudia Maria Carrera (Music)
2. Ziad Dallal (Comparative Literature)
3. Jacob Denz (German)
4. Sean Larson (German)
5. Chris Nickell (Music)
6. Michelle O’Brien (Sociology)
7. (Philosophy)
8. Ella Wind (Near East Studies/Sociology)


1. Jessica Feldman (Steinhardt)
2. Anna Eva Hallin (Steinhardt)
3. Celeste Hornbach (Wagner)
4. Anne Pasek (Steinhardt)
5. Corianna Elizabeth Sichel (Steinhardt)
6. Rory Solomon (Steinhardt)
No nominations were received for the remaining two seats.

Lastly, the election committee received one nomination from the Polytechnic School of Engineering. Due to a discrepancy in the filing that nomination is under review by the Elections Committee. The Committee will also discuss a possible nominee from the Professional Schools who failed to submit a required form. Decisions will be reached Monday. In the meantime, congratulations to our new Assembly of Stewards, and please encourage your colleagues in Science, Technology and Math to vote this week!