Statements of Support

Autoworker Caravan Supports the Strike

Autoworker Caravan stands in solidarity with our UAW siblings at NYU who are on strike for livable wages and fair working conditions.  It is inconceivable for the administration to keep the workers, who make NYU such a great university, in poverty level conditions.  Graduate workers have become the lifeblood of the school.  NYU cannot function without the hard work and dedication of the members of GSOC-UAW Local 2110.

In addition to a living wage major demands revolve around affordable healthcare and paid sick leave.  How can NYU neglect this demand during the current healthcare crisis?  

Autoworker Caravan is a network of rank and file UAW members who formed during the Auto Bankruptcy hearings.  Our members went to Washington DC to make sure that the voices of workers were heard during that crisis. 

We are raising our voices again in solidarity with our UAW siblings,

Autoworker Caravan