We won: 96.4% voted YES to strike

The results are in. Out of 1,386 total votes, 1,336 of you voted yes to strike. That’s 96.4%. That, to put it plainly, is incredible. 

We want to extend an enormous amount of gratitude to everyone who voted, told their colleagues to vote, texted their co-workers, and called GSOC members right up until the poll closed to get the vote out. You made this result possible.

So, what happens now?

The Strike Authorization Vote needed to pass a two-thirds majority for our Bargaining Committee to have the ability to set a strike deadline. We flew past that mark and there is a real mandate to call a strike to win our demands.

When will the strike deadline be? 

The Bargaining Committee is in active discussion to find the best strategy for when to set the strike deadline. You can expect more information about the strike deadline in the coming days.

Will we go on strike?

That depends on NYU. 96.4% of you are ready to strike and shut down the University’s ability to function. NYU can’t run without our labor. That puts a ton of pressure on NYU to meet our demands for a living wage, improved healthcare, protections against power-based abuse, tuition remission, health & safety protections like getting cops off campus, and support for international workers. The ball is in NYU’s court.

How can I get involved?

We need all hands on deck to get ready for a strike. If there was a moment to get involved in organizing, that moment is now. Fill out this form to get plugged into our strike organizing efforts:

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