The Campaign for Healthcare Equality Begins!

GSOC Demands Healthcare Equality!
Flyer with us. Spread the word. Organize in your department. Join us in our struggle for better healthcare coverage for all graduate student workers!  GSOC’s healthcare campaign will also be meeting on the first Thursday of every month and at the Assembly of Stewards meeting.

We take it seriously when the university mishandles our health benefits. We ask NYU to end these infringements, and to ensure healthcare equality across the graduate schools and programs at NYU.

Specifically, we demand:
1. Fair Health Insurance Premiums

NYU has announced a 24% increase in healthcare premiums for 2016-17, and has blamed it on CHP, our health insurance provider. NYU must reimburse bargaining unit members for the difference in premium cost as a result of the 2016-17 increase and any future increase in costs.

2. Consistent Access to Benefits
NYU is arbitrarily awarding different levels of benefits to workers based on the time of year their employment began, creating unfair penalties for certain groups of workers, especially “late” hires. NYU must provide the basic health care plan at 10% of the cost to all bargaining unit members.

3. Gender and Parental Equality
NYU currently does not offer parental leave for graduate student workers and does not offer adequate health services to trans students.

  • NYU must extend its parental leave policies offered to non-student employees to all workers, including graduate students. It must institute a clear parental leave policy for doctoral students and working MA students who are the primary caregiver of a child. This includes 6 weeks of paid leave that includes all benefits and healthcare coverage, and an extension of medical coverage for one semester for each parental leave taken.
  • NYU must offer better access to healthcare for trans students through the university network and medical services.

To join the campaign, contact gsoc.organizing@gmail.com