Crucial GSOC member meeting 2/4 3pm + mediation update

Welcome back from winter break! We are already busy fighting for our contract. We write with two important dates and updates.


Setting Strike Deadline and Contract Priorities!
Member Meeting, Feb 4th, 3 pm, Silver Grad Lounge (room 120)

As you know, in December the membership voted overwhelmingly (95%) in favor of authorizing a strike. The time has come to discuss the next step. The Bargaining Committee feels strongly that decisions about strike timing and contract priorities should be made in conversation with the workers.

The actions we are planning to discuss this week will have far-reaching impact across the university this semester. We want this to be a large meeting, and welcome new members. Please join us for this crucial next member meeting. Spread the word in your department and amongst your friends.

Mediation Update
Mediation Session, Jan 28th
Yesterday, the bargaining committee had our third mediation session with NYU management. This session was more productive than the last in some areas, but we feel the need to prepare for continued pushback and to organize toward a strike action. We remain committed to a strong, comprehensive contract, with health care that covers 100% of all our bodies, family benefits, and compensation increases across the board.

We know NYU has the capacity to meet our needs and we will continue to push for a strong contract in and out of bargaining.

In solidarity, the GSOC/UAW Local 2110 Bargaining Committee

Ella Wind
Shelly Ronen
Natasha Raheja
Ayesha Omer
David Klassen
Aryeh Katz
Brady Fletcher
Lily Defriend