Continuing the Fight for a Fair Contract

We held our second mediation session on Dec 18th, which lasted over 7 hours. In the session, we presented a specific package detailing exact proposals over the course of 5 years of a contract, which was requested from us at the last meeting.

In line with their unchanged stance since May, the university is playing hardball — they did not offer any movement in this session and have told us not to expect any movement at our next mediation session on Jan 29. They insist that we have too many requests and in the session the mediator asked us to prioritize between our various items. NYU management is especially intransigent on the following items: negotiating raises in stipends, tuition remission, and health care expansion beyond individual healthcare plans.

Over the break, the bargaining committee will be caucusing to figure out how to move forward for our next meeting with the university in late January. We will hold a member meeting at the beginning of the spring semester, on January 21st.

At our last meeting, it was decided that GSOC committees will begin working and planning for the next semester over the winter break. Our committees are coalition committee (headed by Daniel Cohen —; communications committee (headed by Chris Nickell —; and mobilization committee (headed by Josh Frens String —