WE WON! On to contract Negotiations!

LOGO_WEWONGreat news! The vote is in – 620 to 10 – 98.4% percent of participating graduate employees voted Yes for GSOC/UAW and SET/UAW as our Union. The American Arbitration Association has certified the results. Under our recent agreement with NYU, the University will now recognize our Union and begin bargaining in good faith for a contract.

Congratulations! We all made this happen. Without our persistent support and participation over the last eight years, our campaign would not have come this far. We should all celebrate such a historic and hard-earned victory. Please join us this Friday evening at the Formerly Crow’s (85 Washington place) at 5:00 PM, all are welcome.

Our work is far from over. Now we must prepare to negotiate a contract by the end of this academic year that improves our lives and makes NYU a more accessible and inclusive place to teach and learn. Together we will develop issues for the bargaining table and organize a solid contract campaign. So, after the new year, we will elect a bargaining committee, vote on ratifying initial bargaining demands, and begin contract negotiations with the university’s team.