GOOD NEWS FROM THE LABOR BOARD – GSOC/UAW One Step Closer to Winning Back Our Union

The National Labor Relations Board has announced that it will review the controversial Bush-era decision [Brown University] that stripped graduate employees at private universities of the right to form unions. If –as is expected– the NLRB overturns Brown, a union election will be scheduled here at NYU, and we could have the opportunity to vote yes for our union as soon as sometime this fall semester.

Since 2005, NYU has taken advantage of weak laws and refused to recognize and bargain with our Union, GSOC-UAW 2110. Despite this, we have continued to organize and have signed up a majority of teaching and research assistants each academic year. The Labor Board’s review of our petition for a union election could not only re-establish our right to unionize here at NYU but would also strengthen the ability of tens of thousands of graduate employees at private universities throughout the U.S. to organize.