Update on Trip to DC

GSOC-UAW started out the semester with quite a bang! This past Friday we took a bus full of GSOC activists to Washington D.C, to urge the NLRB to rule on our case and allow us our democratic right to vote for our union. After delivering a letter to the Board, we held a press conference out front with supporters, including NYU Sociology Professor Jeff Goodwin who trekked down to DC with us.

Would you believe that right around the corner from the NLRB, NYU is erecting a building!  We wonder how that will help with all the overcrowding at Washington Square?  Well, of course we went to visit that as well (you can see a picture on our facebook page).  It was such a beautiful day in DC that we stopped off at Occupy DC on our way to the Metro to share the story of our struggle here at NYU and bring greetings of solidarity from NYC.

To cap off the day we went to Capitol Hill and visited with eight members of the House and Senate who have a special role in overseeing the nation’s labor laws. Those were very productive meetings and it built excitement amongst ourselves to build the GSOC presence on the NYU campus this semester. If you would like to get more involved this semester please let us know! We have lots of exciting things in store.

Check out this great post from the AFL-CIO blog about our trip to DC:

In other great news, we have added a link to our website that will allow Graduate Students to add their name to the Public Support Statement! Please circulate this on your departments list serves and encourage your classmates and colleagues to sign it!

And don’t forget to check out our facebook page for some great pictures from our trip!