Solidarity statements and resolutions

IMPORTANT: NLRB Petition and Dec. 1st Rally


An online petition has created by graduate students at the University of Chicago requesting the NLRB consider our appeal and reestablish our right to organize and bargain a union contract as graduate employees. Please add your name to the voices of graduate students around the country. The petition can be found at


Did you know that one in ten students graduate with $40,000 or  more in debt, or that nearly six million 25 to 34 year olds are moving back in with their parents?  Did you hear that 14.3% of recent college graduates do not have a job and that today it is 400% more expensive to go to college that just thirty years ago?

That is why on Thursday, December 1st at 4:00PM, workers and students from all over New York City will march to demand Jobs and Economic Justice.  The march will start at Herald Square at 4PM and we will march down Broadway to Union Square. We will meet at 3:45 PM on West 31st Street and 5th Avenue — just look for the GSOC banner and the UAW signs.  The permit for the march is for the entire street, curb to curb. Broadway will be ours! So start spreading the word and encourage people to make home made signs to supplement the UAW wheels.

Bring your friends! Make a homemade sign expressing your point of view! No speakers, no rally, just New Yorkers marching together and taking it to the streets.  Please join us on this important day! Students and workers unite to demand one holiday gift that money can’t buy–a just and equitable society.