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GSOC-UAW Update and N17 Call to Action!

NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION — November 17th, 2011 at 1:30pm

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WHERE: 44 West 4th Street (Gould Plaza) at 1:30pm

Join the Graduate Student Organizing Committee (GSOC-UAW), NYU4OWS, U-CATS, undergraduates and other campus Unions on the 17th at 1:30 pm at 44 west 4th street (Gould Plaza). We will gather at the footsteps of the John Paulson Auditorium.

Paulson, a member of the NYU Board of Trustees, who donated $20 million dollars from the nearly $4 billion in profits that he made from the 2008 financial crisis.
NYU chose to name the auditorium in honor of him.

There, we will hear from students and workers about how the connection between the decision makers at NYU and their link to Wall Street has affected us.


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We are organizing for positive change in our working conditions here at NYU. Included is a link to a video testimonial of Liz Fink, a TA in the History and French Studies department. Liz speaks of our concerns relating to NYU’s change to our funding with the creation of FAR-4 and the importance of a having a democratic voice by winning back our collective bargaining rights.


In May of 2010, we petitioned the National Labor Relations Board for a union election, and the right to bargain a fair union contract. This summer we got an important decision from the Director of the Regional Board in Manhattan.

The Director said that if the Brown decision* was overturned, then Research and Teaching Assistants at NYU should be considered employees of the university and have the right to form a union.

Our case is now on appeal before the National Board in Washington, D.C. When the Board overturns Brown, we will have our union election to vote to re-establish our collective bargaining rights. We will keep you updated on this. In the meantime, we need to continue organizing so that we are ready to win as soon as the Board makes a decision.

*A decision made by the George Bush appointed Washington, D.C. Labor Board which stripped us of our collective bargaining rights when our union contract expired in 2005