GSOC/UAW Membership Update

We have great news! Citing “compelling reasons” to reconsider the 2004 Brown decision, the National Labor Relations Board ruled in our favor and has opened up our case for a hearing!

This is big news for two reasons. First, if the Board decides in our favor after the hearings, they will order an election and graduate employees will have the chance to vote for GSOC/UAW as the union that will fight for us in negotiations with the NYU administration.

Second, a positive ruling will restore the right to collective bargaining for graduate employees at all private universities. With its decision in Brown, the George W. Bush NLRB gave not only NYU the legal ability to withdraw their recognition of our union, but also allowed administrations at other private universities, including Columbia, Tufts, Penn, Yale, and Brown, to ignore their own graduate employees’ internationally-recognized right to organize.

We are hoping for a quick hearing so that the NLRB will hold a union election before the end of the academic year. We will know more in the coming days about the hearing schedule and will communicate that information as soon as we know it.

As we embark on the hearing process, it will remain crucial that we continue to build our membership and expand our support as we prepare for an election.

In the meantime, come celebrate this victory with us at PHEBE’s–corner of W. 4th St. and Bowery–from 8 to 10 pm, on Tuesday, November 2. We’ll talk, hang out, share stories from our departments, and watch the election returns.

If you would like to get involved or have any questions, please call the UAW offices at 212-529-2580 or email us at