Stewards and Staff

Head Stewards and Joint Council Delegates

 Anna Stielau is a second-year PhD student in Media, Culture and Communication. She became a steward in Fall 2018, and is particularly invested in international students’ issues and workplace rights.
 Ben Stillerman is a fourth-year PhD student in Social Psychology and a GSOC steward in STEM. He has been active with GSOC since his second year.
Ben Wolcott is in his second-year pursuing a Master of Public Administration at NYU Wagner while working as a campaign researcher at Make the Road, New York’s largest membership-based community organization of Spanish-speaking immigrants. At Make the Road, he started out organizing bank workers, helping them bring Wells Fargo’s fraudulent accounts scandal to light. As a steward in GSOC, Ben is determined to develop a base of workers and leaders at Wagner both in the fight for health justice and in the lead up to collective bargaining next year.
Bhumika Chauhan is a third-year PhD student in Sociology. She has been organizing with GSOC since her first year, and served as a co-chair for the Organizing Committee from Fall 2017. She became a steward in Spring of 2018, and is a Unit Representative for Fall of 2018. She has been working with other union members to building stronger solidarity with other campus unions. She is also a proud member of Academic Workers for a Democratic Union.
Caroline Bowman is a third-year Ph.D student in Philosophy and is currently serving as a steward. She is excited to help build GSOC’s rank-and-file power, particularly in STEM departments. She is also a delegate of GSOC to Local 2110’s Joint Council. She began organizing with GSOC in fall 2016 and served as a Unit Representative for spring 2018. She is a proud member of Academic Workers for a Democratic Union.
Chris Nickell is a 6th-year Ph.D. candidate in Music at GSAS. Chris has worked for the Union in many roles over the past four years, including as a steward, Unit Rep, and delegate to Local 2110’s Joint Council. Chris is a proud member of the Academic Workers for a Democratic Union a national reform caucus within the UAW focused on cultivating rank-and-file power to transform unionism from the bottom up.
Colette Perold is a second-year Ph.D. student in Media Culture and Communication. She is a proud member of Academic Workers for a Democratic Union and is honored to be serving now as a steward. She began organizing with GSOC through the organizing committee and believes that building out our union’s rank-and-file leadership is the only way to build off the gains currently enshrined in our social justice contract.
Eliza Brown is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in Sociology. She is honored to currently be serving as a steward. She has also worked on the GSOC organizing committee, the campaign for Paid Family Leave for all educators in New York, and protests around the proposed taxes on graduate students. She is a proud member of Academic Workers for a Democratic Union.
Farhaan Mulla is pursuing an MS in Construction Management at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. He served as a Steward for Summer 2018 and will be taking on the role of Unit Representative in Fall 2018. He is determined to build a strong Union presence in the NYU campuses and will push to spread awareness about the graduate student workers’ rights and benefits, especially within the international students who hesitate to come forward with grievances.
Gabriel Young is a second-year student in the joint History and Middle Eastern Studies Ph.D. program, but has been active in GSOC since coming to NYU in 2015 for his M.A. in Near Eastern Studies. He has contributed to work for GSOC relating to political solidarity and organizational bylaws, served as a Bargaining Unit Representative for the fall 2017 semester, and was elected to fill a GSAS steward position in 2018. Gabriel is committed to GSOC because of its importance for organizing precarious academic labor, and as a vehicle for social justice within and beyond our university
Ian J. Alexander is a third-year PhD student in the department of Media, Culture, & Communication. He studies carceral technologies and the production of the prison society as common sense. NYU is Ian’s first organized workplace, but thanks to some exceptional guidance from GSOC’s union veterans he became a steward in 2018. He is a member of Academic Workers for a Democratic Union, and was immediately drawn to GSOC’s and AWDU’s emphasis on strong rank & file participation and workers’ solidarity across and beyond the university.
Iraj Eshghi is a second year PhD international student in physics, and is honoured to be working as a steward this semester, after starting with GSOC in 2017. Having been involved in student activism at NYU since his undergraduate years, he is excited to be bolstering student and worker power on campus for another (at most, hopefully) five years. His favourite organising activity is base-building. He also wants to make politics an attractive topic of conversation among scientists, which it sadly is not yet.
Kate Storey-Fisher is a second-year PhD student in the Department of Physics and is beginning her term as a steward for GSOC. She is excited to galvanize graduate students in STEM about the union and work to harness their currently underutilized collective power. Kate has previously worked on an anti-oppression and gender-based harassment campaign within the union and will continue to push NYU to create a supportive climate for graduate workers of all identities.
Katie Hayden is a second year MPA student at NYU Wagner, concentrating in Advocacy & Political Action, and works as a Graduate Assistant in NYU Gallatin’s Urban Democracy Lab. Prior to attending NYU she worked as a labor organizer in Boston and has been active in many reproductive justice organizations and community organizing groups. As a steward Katie is committed to building power amongst her peers and standing in solidarity with other student workers who are currently organizing. In addition to being a steward, Katie served as a student representative for GSOC 2110 during the summer of 2018 and is active in many student groups on campus.
Kyle Shybunko is a 3rd year Ph.D. student in the Department of History. He has been involved in GSOC since 2014 and was active in the campaign for a fair contract. He hopes to use his seat at the Join Council to make transparency and open communication a priority ensuring that members’ concerns are brought to the Joint Council and that the activities of the Joint Council and our Local are made accessible to all members.
Moné Makkawi
Salma Shamel Bakr
Shahrzad Goudarzi is a third-year Ph.D student at the Department of Psychology and a GSOC steward in STEM. She is excited to be involved in student activism and to help build rank and file organization.
Shayan Momin is a second-year Ph.D. student in anthropology. He is serving his first year as GSOC steward and excited to be a part of the union as we work towards negotiating our next contract.
Zack Cuyler is a third-year Ph.D. student in History and Middle East & Islamic Studies. He is a steward and has organized in the History and Middle East & Islamic Studies departments.

UAW staff

Maida Rosenstein, President of Local 2110, became involved in the union as an office worker at Columbia in the 1980s. She joined the organizing committee immediately eventually started organizing full time and the rest is history. She has worked with GSOC since the first negotiations.
Patrick T. Shepherd, Local 2110 Representative,