We elect Union Representatives, Organizing Committee Chairs, and Turf Stewards at least once a semester during a members meeting or on a rolling basis as availabilities come up. If you are interested in running for any of these positions at our next monthly members meeting, please contact gsoc@2110uaw.org. Any openings will be posted on our social media accounts.

Want to get involved but have limited time?

Consider getting involved in a working group such as the organizing committee or communications committee, or become a department steward in your department rather than a full turf steward. Contact organizing chairs below or unit reps at gsoc@2110uaw.org for more information

Antara Nader (she/her)

Antara Nader (she/her)

Public Policy, Wagner

I’m a graduate student at NYU Wagner studying public policy. I’m very excited to work as a unit representative this semester to build on the massive wins of GSOC’s new contract and ensure that my fellow student workers are getting what they deserve. As a new member of GSOC, I’m also excited to learn from the wealth of organizing experience within the union. In my free time I like to bake, ride my bike around the city, and do printmaking with my friends.

Colin Vanderburg (he/him)

Colin Vanderburg (he/him)

English, GSAS Humanities

I’m a fourth-year PhD candidate in English. Previously I served on the GSOC bargaining committee in spring 2021, and as a union steward from 2019 to 2021. I’m excited to work with fellow GSOC members to help enforce our contract and protect our rights as grad workers!

Harsh Vikram (he/him)

Harsh Vikram (he/him)

Civil Engineering, Tandon

I am a graduate student at NYU Tandon, studying Construction Management. I served as a steward for GSOC in Fall 2020 and am looking forward to represent the graduate and PhD student workers as a Unit Representative for GSOC for Spring 2022, and do my best to ensure exemplary working conditions, wages, and benefits at NYU for all graduate workers.

Organizing Committee Chairs

Abigail Manville

Art History, Institute of Fine Arts

Jenny Leigh

Sociology, GSAS Humanities


GSAS Humanities

GSAS Humanities A

Anthropology Department 
Linguistics Department 
English Department 
Department of Environmental Studies 
Fales Library & Special Collections 
Music Department 

Nick Silcox

I am a 3rd year PhD student in English. I became involved with GSOC and eventually became a steward because unions are critical infrastructure in building a community that is based around collective power and dignity.

GSAS Humanities B

Asian Pacific American Institute 
East Asian Studies 
European and Mediterranean Studies 
Latin American and Caribbean Studies 
Creative Writing Program 
Center for the Humanities 
Expository Writing 
Writing Program 
Institute of African-American Affairs 
Center for the Study of Africa and the African Diaspora 
Africa House 
SocHum Reference Services 

Shaindel Tomasovitch

Shaindel Tomasovitch

Experimental Humanities & Social Engagement

I organize because I am a working class person seeking better working/learning conditions, pay, and treatment for all us folks existing under imperialist America; It is necessary to feel supported in such institutions and as a larger community overall. I am currently studying how women and birthing bodies function under capitalism through performance art theory and practice in the Experimental Humanities & Social Engagement program. A fun fact about me is that I play the harp and make riot-grrrl-esque zines!

GSAS Humanities C

Comparative Literature 
Department of French Literature, Thought and Culture 
International Relations 
Ireland House
Italian Studies 
Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature 
King Juan Carlos Center 

Giulia Sbaffi

Italian Studies

I am a 5th year PhD student in Italian. I joined GSOC as an international student worker in my second year and now I take this ​​opportunity to advocate for the collective political processes we honor and commit to as union members.

GSAS Humanities D

German Department 
History Department 
Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies 
Hebrew and Judaic Studies 
Latin American and Caribbean Studies 
Hebrew and Judaic Studies 
Department of Russian and Slavic Studies 
Near Eastern Studies 
Religious Studies 
Jordan Family Center 
Center for Religion and Media 

Julia Landmann

Julia Landmann

Italian Studies

 I am a 2nd year PhD student in the Department of German. As a steward and international student worker, I am excited to uphold GSOC’s tradition of building power through solidarity.

GSAS Humanities E

Barbara Goldsmith Preservation & Conservation 
Institute of Fine Arts Library 
Art History 
College Core Curriculum 


GSAS Humanities F

Philosophy Department 
Department of Classics 
Institute for the Study of the Ancient World Library 

Clara Lingle


GSAS Humanities G

Sociology Department 
Politics Department 
Tamiment Library & Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives 
Center for Social Media and Politics 
Social and Cultural Analysis 
Center on International Cooperation 

"Lee” L. P. B. Diaz (she/her

“Lee” L. P. B. Diaz (she/her

Social and Cultural Analysis

I’m a fifth-year American Studies PhD candidate and graduate worker in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis. I’m excited to work alongside my fellow stewards to maintain momentum from last year’s historic contract campaign and strike. As a steward, I commit to holding NYU accountable to the terms set forth in our new bargaining agreement and ensuring that graduate workers get the working conditions, wages, and benefits we deserve. Outside of research and union organizing, I love watching baseball, gardening with my wife, and spoiling my toy chihuahua, Joaquin.

GSAS Humanities H

University Administrative Departments




Psychology Department 



Center for Data Science 
Biology and Genomics 
Center for Neural Science 

Camille Rullán

Camille Rullán

Center for Neural Science


Chemistry Department 

Sam Epstein



Non- Tandon Computer Science 
Physics Department 

Professional Schools

Prof Schools A

Undergraduate Drama 
​Institute of Performing Arts 
Cinema Studies 
Graduate Film 
Performance Studies 
Graduate Acting 
Graduate Musical Theater Writing 
Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute 
Theatrical Production 
Hemispheric Institute 

Prof Schools B

Dramatic Writing 
Interactive Telecommunications Program 
Dance Department 
Kanbar Finance 

Patrick Spauster

Patrick Spauster

Furman Center

I’m a Master’s of Urban Planning Candidate at NYU Wagner and a Graduate Student Researcher at NYU Furman Center. I help organize a union at the Urban Institute, and I’m proud to continue organizing for the benefit of the NYU community.

Prof Schools C

Marron Institute 
Art and Public Policy

Aaron Posner

I’m a second year MPA student at Wagner, studying Public Policy with a focus on Advocacy & Political Action. I believe in the work GSOC does because I know that together we are stronger and that when we work collectively we can win the fight for our rights as workers.

Prof Schools D

STAC Graduate Assistant 
Game Design 
Grey Art Gallery 
Jonathan M Tisch Center of Hospitality 
Open Arts 
Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music 
Design for Stage & Film 
Schack Institute of Real Estate

Micaela Suminski

I’m a Masters student at Gallatin studying Critical Disaster Studies and documentary filmmaking. I’m a steward because I want to help my peers and fellow unit members leverage our collective power together! Reach out to talk about union power, Philadelphia, the NBA, skateboarding, the Grateful Dead, the cinematic masterpiece Uncut Gems, your favorite documentaries, or how disasters are socially constructed.

Prof Schools E

Silver School Of Social Work 
Berkley Innovation Lab 
Center for Sustainability and Business 
Department of Technology, Operations and Statistics 
Management Communication Program 
Endless Frontier Labs 
Finance Department 
Learning Science 
Marketing Department 
MBA Admissions 
MBA Admissions and Financial Aid 
Stern UC – Deans Office 
Center for Applied Liberal Arts 
DPB – Technology Programs, LHCM, and CADA- LHCM 
DPB – Integrated Marketing Communications Programs 

Lauren Peressini

Social Work

Prof Schools F

Economics Department 


Prof Schools G

School of Global Public Health 
Cariology and Comprehensive Care 



Steinhardt A

Media, Culture, and Communication 
Art and Art Professions 

Charlie Muller

Media, Culture, and Communication

I look forward to helping maintain our union’s strength and fighting for NYU to treat its workers with the dignity we deserve. 

Steinhardt B

Occupational Therapy 
Physical Therapy 
Department of Nutrition and Food Studies 
Teaching and Learning 
Metro Center 

Padma Govindarajan

Media, Culture, and Communication

Steinhardt C

Administration, Leadership, and Technology 
Institute of Human Development & Social Change 

Jenna Schmidt

Administration, Leader, and Technology

Steinhardt D

Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities 
Applied Psychology 
Communicative Sciences and Disorders 


Steinhardt E

Music and Performing Arts Professions 



Tandon A

Applied Physics 
Biomedical Engineering 
Civil and Urban Engineering, C2Smart 
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 
Civil and Urban Engineering 
Bern Dibner Library 

Marwan Shalaby

Chem & Biomolecular Engineering & Biotech

I am a 3rd year, international PhD student in Chemical Engineering and a steward for the 4th term. My involvement in GSOC stems from the belief that power lies in the hand of workers, as we are the most exposed to the conditions that shape our lives. By coming together and sharing our experiences, we can force NYU to pay us a living wage, cover our healthcare and cut ties with the NYPD, which terrorizes poor, Black and Indigenous workers inside and outside of NYU. I believe that through worker democracy, we can stand our ground when bargaining with our employer, and hopefully build long-standing coalitions across geographies and different vectors of oppression. 

Tandon B

Computer Science & Engineering 

Saksham Khetan

Computer Science and Engineering

Tandon C

Electrical & Computer Engineering


Tandon D

Mathematics for Engineering 
Finance & Risk Engineering 
Finance and Administration 
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 


Tandon E

Center for Urban Science and Progress
Tandon Tutoring Center Student Tutors 
Bern Dibner Library of Science & Technology 
Academic Affairs for K-12 Education Program 
Graduate Admissions 

Shrisha Patil

Technology Management & Innovation
(affiliated with Business)

Tandon F

Technology Based Learning 
Technology Management and Innovation 
Technology, Culture and Society 

Ishwari Alve

Ishwari Alve

Technology Management & Innovation

1st year MS Management of Technology. Fun Fact: I can roll over arms over my head 😛

UAW staff

Maida Rosenstein, President of Local 2110, became involved in the union as an office worker at Columbia in the 1980s. She joined the organizing committee immediately eventually started organizing full time and the rest is history. She has worked with GSOC since the first negotiations.

Olga Brudastova, Organizer with Local 2110, got involved in the union during the first year of her PhD program at Columbia, in 2014. After graduation, in 2018, she decided to change her career from Civil Engineering to labor organizing. She has represented workers in educational and cultural institutions, and joined GSOC in 2021.