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Bargaining Update – November 5th

tl;dr: NYU brought no new counter proposals. 

NYU asked a few clarifying questions about our proposals on vacation and bargaining unit lists, and reiterated their rejection to expand the grievance filing time limit from 15 days to 120 days. NYU maintained its rejection of our proposed  $40/hr living wage. We have made  movement on many of our  proposals, while NYU has offered any counter proposals since September 29th. NYU has not addressed immigrant and international student concerns and to cut ties with the NYPD.

Their counterproposal was the offer of a mediator, which NYU would pay for.

NYU will respond to vacation and lists of bargaining units at the next bargaining session on November 24. As it stands:


  • To receive 7 paid days after 110 days of employment
  • Service Bonus

List of bargaining units: 

  • There are discrepancies between what we consider bargaining unit employees
  • Clarifying would make it easier to get reimbursements for health insurance
  • NYU position: revisit once the appointment letter process has gone into effect