Visa Seminar to be Held at NYU-Poly

Our seminar on international student visa and immigration issues is tomorrow, Wednesday January 30 at 1pm.

We have invited two prominent and experienced attorneys to NYU Poly to speak and answer questions these issues.  Here are the details

Date: Wednesday, January 30

Time: 1pm  

Location: Brooklyn Borough Hall, 2nd-fl conference room, 209 Joralemon Street

Pizza will be provided.

The attorneys participating in this event are: Deborah J. Notkin, a partner in the firm of Barst Mukamal & Kleiner LLP and past president of the American Immigration Association (AILA), with nationally-recognized experience in business immigration; and Christine Brigagliano, from Van Der Hout, Brigagliano & Nightingale, LLP, a nationally-renowned firm specializing in immigration and nationality law. For more information about these firms, go to

As a union, we can address the concerns of international student employees in the context of workplace rights through collective bargaining. International graduate employees and postdocs represented by the UAW have won significant gains in compensation, benefits, and workplace rights through collective bargaining and have established a stronger national political voice advocating for the rights of immigrant and guest workers in the US.   Even though the union does not represent GAs, RAs and TAs with respect to legal matters or visa processing, we want to provide information that may be useful in addressing visa/immigration issues.

Hope to see you there.