1,100 Grad Union Supporters Tell NYU to Respect Our Democratic Choice

Thanks to your help, we sent a strong message to NYU yesterday!  More than 1,100 graduate students and employees have now signed an open letter that urges NYU to respect our choice on unionization and immediately begin bargaining in good faith for a contract when a majority of us vote in a fair election to be represented by GSOC/UAW.  If you have not signed the open letter, please click here and add your name.

Representatives of GSOC/UAW delivered our open letter to the Faculty Senators Council (FSC) and NYU President Sexton’s office today.  As you may know, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is likely to restore our legal right to collective bargaining soon, and President Sexton has directed his top administrators to seek “advice” from various campus constituencies, including our faculty supervisors, on how to respond.

While it is outrageous that the Sexton administration is even contemplating rejecting a lawful NLRB decision, it is great that we sent them a strong message to respect our democratic choice.  Without collective bargaining, NYU can make unilateral changes like the cuts they made to our health insurance benefits for this year.

We are also now reaching out to elected officials and community leaders to support our demand that NYU act in a fair and democratic manner on our right to a Union.

We will provide updates on any new developments with the NLRB and NYU. Email us if you would like to get more involved.