[NYULOCAL] Breaking: Graduate Students Protest In Bobst

1:50pm – The graduate students union here at NYU, GSOC, is currently protesting in the lobby of Bobst with placards and flyers.

1:55pm – They were oringinally sitting along the benchs in the main lobby and flyering near the main doors, but now seem to be leaving the building.

1:59pm – Gathered at the front doors, the group chanted for about a minute before vacating the premises.

2:02pm –  The lobby is now clear and all is right in the world.

After the failed attempts to renegotiate their contracts with NYU in 2005, GSOC is now asking students for support of the Teaching and Research Assistants Collective Bargaining Rights Act – a piece of legislation, they point out, cosponsored in the Senate by Former Senator Obama. This, they feel, gives them the right to push for a national focus on TA/RA rights that have been ignored over the past eight years.

A nice, brief protest with a short message and a simple thing folks can do to support them (go to this website and sign their online petition).  If only every protest in the world would end so quickly and cleanly.

Plus, they all had lovely blue and yellow shirts on – dress uniformity is always a plus in my book.

Original publication can be found here, by Lucas Pattan.