Volunteer some time

Our union exists to help our members, but it also relies on member help to mobilize around particular issues, as well as to keep the day-to-day operations of the unit running smoothly.

The best way to help is to reach out to our organizing committee and join in our campaigns to protect and expand our rights. Currently our focus is on healthcare equality, but we are also active in the larger movements for climate and racial justice in NYU and beyond. Contact us to get involved or come to a meeting on our calendar.

Our spare time can ebb and flow dramatically over the course of our studies. If you still want to help out and keep up to date with the union’s efforts but aren’t ready for one of the commitments above, we would still love to have your support: sign up to be a Casual Volunteer. We’ve started a mailing list, and whenever a few extra hands or minds are needed for odd jobs or big projects, we’ll send out a call.

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