96% of our workers vote to #StrikeOnNYU for a fair contract!
Working this semester? Fill out your union card today

96% of our workers vote to #StrikeOnNYU for a fair contract!

Working this semester? Fill out your union card today

Get Informed

Know what you are striking for and prepare for the conversations ahead. Why can’t we work on strike? What do we tell our students? What is in the contract? Can NYU afford it?

Take Action

In solidarity means many minds working together. Individual efforts make a difference! See how you can take action today to let NYU know you support the Graduate Worker Strike.

Stay Connected

Whether in person or online, a strike is an active effort! Stay informed on our latest bargaining and strike efforts by following our social media and watching for our emails.


What are we really asking for? Why are we striking? Prepare for the conversations ahead.

Resources for Undergraduates

Striking will affect classes for many students. See here to understand why graduate student workers are striking, how it affects you, and how you can help.

Talking About the Strike

Having a conversation with our faculty and students about the strike may be hard. Use this resource from Columbia graduate students.

Our demands

Despite 9 months of bargaining, NYU has failed to agree to a fair contract. Read about our demands and know more about the contract we are fighting for


Take an active role in fighting for a fair contract for you and your fellow workers!

Email faculty

Reach out to faculty members you have a relationship with to explain why we are striking and gain their support. See our letter template here as a starting point.

Attend an event

Attend our next event either in person or online. Join in solidarity with your fellow workers and check here for bargaining sessions, rallies, virtual actions, phone banking, and more.

Support workers

If NYU graduate workers decide to strike, we recognize that we do not all face the same risks to our income. Click here and help with the mutual aid fund.

Get involved

Join your fellow union members in our strike efforts! Volunteer to phone bank, draft press releases, organize strike actions, and generally connect with your fellow activists.

Post on social media

Have a social media following? Raise your voice and get the word out that NYU graduate students are coming together to fight for a fair contract. Use these resources to get started.

Change your gmail signature

A quick and easy action to take is to change your email signature to state your support for the graduate student workers. Click here for a how-to on how to change yours.


Follow us on social media and get our latest posts.

New to campus? Just want to get caught up? Join us, @GSOCUAW, @UAW7902, @opeiu153, @UCATS3882, Local One, @nyuydsa, CLAWS, and LSEJ to hear what campus unions are up to this year and how you can get involved. Friday night at 6pm! GSOCUAW photo
Universities fight unions like ours b/c if you face harassment, don't get paid on time, have a job offer retracted--we have your back! GSOC makes sure your rights are protected

BUT we can't detail all those rights on twitter, which is why you should come to orientation this Weds
Congratulations to @condeunion on achieving official voluntary recognition! We’re so excited to have more than 500 new members at @condenast join us in @nyguild, representing ALL editorial workers at the company. We’re stronger together. See you at the bargaining table soon!
If you are:

A: A New GSOC Member
B: Curious about your union benefits
C: Looking to organize your fellow workers
D: Hungry and/or all the above

Join us at our GSOC orientation THIS Wednesday, September 14 from 4-6! RSVP here:
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