2020 Contract Campaign Bargaining Survey

Our contract committee has been working tirelessly on developing a survey which we encourage all graduate students, working or non working, to fill out. Find the survey here.

The purpose of this survey is to clarify and prioritize GSOC’s demands for our upcoming contract negotiations with NYU. It is a tool for all of us, as graduate student workers at NYU, to think through what changes to our working conditions would most improve our everyday lives. This is an initial step in including the voices and interests of all graduate student workers in our democratic process.

On each page, you will encounter questions related to a particular issue (compensation, equity and inclusion, etc.). Most of these questions will ask you about the importance of that particular issue. It would be very helpful if you could think of the questions on each page in terms of their relative importance—that is, to rank the goals that you would prioritize higher (e.g. “Gotta have it”) than the ones you might not prioritize (e.g. “Not important”). Also note: near the end of the survey, we will ask you to rank all major issues side-by-side.

Some questions may not apply to certain groups, but we ask that all graduate workers answer all required questions so that we may get a sense of what we are willing to collectively fight for.

Here is our current union contract, in case you are wondering what we already have. It might be helpful to have the current contract available as a reference as you proceed through the survey.

You may fill out the survey multiple times until the end of the survey period. Your latest responses will be considered.

The core survey should take less than 25 minutes

There are some optional sections in the survey meant for information gathering, and we would love your participation on those as well.

The survey results are managed by fellow GSOC members alone, and your responses will be kept confidential.  

SURVEY PERIOD: December 4, 2019 to February 7, 2020

Find the survey here.